About Mane' & Mia:




The Burks' work focuses on  1. Rescuing the local children  2. Reaching the lost and  3. Restoring the broken.  Wearing many hats, their weekly schedules inlude teaching gym, art, music lessons, English classes, working in the adorable coffee shop on the property, and serving as house parents 3 days a week where they care for 10 boys ages 5-11 years old.  They are a very busy couple, totally in love with the Lord and it shows in how they serve Him daily! 


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About Carla:


I  work with Pioneer Bible Translators as a Linguistic and Translation Consultant. This means that I work with teams who are doing a Bible translation to help them check the translation and make sure it accurately reflects the original Greek and Hebrew Bible, and I also help teams do things like writing alphabets and spelling rules. I work mostly with teams in West Africa. I live here in Wisconsin and travel to Africa to work with teams face to face when it is needed. 


About Bob and Carol:


As an Impact Team Leader, Bob connects converge resources with local ministries and leaders in Europe and the least reached people groups of the 10/40 window around the Mediterranean Region. Bob coaches and encourages leaders to help them accomplish the mission to which God has called them!


In addition to this role Bob and Carol are working with a local congregation to plant an international ministry center in Poland and assist with church planning efforts throughout the nation. They believe in the moto START, STRENGHTHEN, SEND and are asking God for a gospel movement among all least-reached people in the Europe/ Mediterranean Region!


Let's join them!


About Kystal:


Krystal served for 11 years teaching Discipleship Training School's (DTS) in Austrailia & leading Short-term teams to Papua New Guinea. After this season, Krystal sensed a restlessness and the Lord leading her to another region needing the light of the gospel. Krystal's focus is now is Europe. She is all about networking, mobilizing and discipling by 

1. Helping others recognize their call to missions.  2. coaching believers as they discover where they fit in God's big picture and  3. Mentoring believers in using their gifts, talents and passions to serve God!


Most recently she has pioneered a 3 month  Discipleship Bible School and is a part of a pilot Bible Distribution project for the nations where over 8,000 + homes have been visited, giving people the opportunity to receive a new Bible! She has a big heart for the young, the old, the Asian, the African, the local, the global, the sinner and the saint! She belives that we all have a part to play in bringing God's Kingdom here on earth!